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A better business in three months -
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Personalised business & marketing ideas for people who don't (yet) have oodles of time and piles of cash.

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Do you run your own business?

Do you want to make it better, bigger, more profitable?

Do you have lots of questions about how to do that, but not many useful answers?

Do you want high-quality consultancy advice without consultancy fees?

The solution: become an exclusive founder member of Business DIY and send me your marketing and business questions.

I'll write detailed replies and share - without giving away details about your business - the advice with the fourteen other members of the group.

You'll benefit from answers to your questions, and also an insight into what other business owners are thinking, the problems they're dealing with and the advice I give them.

In other words you get fifteen times more bang for your buck!

How it works

1. Ask a question

Submit your question or problem - it can be about anything to do with marketing and improving your business: search engines, branding advice, how do I...?

2. Get an answer

We'll answer your question in detail - with analysis, suggestions, tools and resources - and share the information, anonymously, with the rest of the group.

3. Take action

Use our "DIY Next Steps" checklists to make sure you do exactly what you need to do, whether you have five minutes, five hours or five days to spare.

Why it works

You benefit from great advice, the other group members benefit from seeing it too, and you get to see the questions they've asked and answers they've received. Social consultancy, from the comfort of your office chair.

Who I am

Tom Doggett

HI! I'm Tom Doggett. I've spent nearly 20 (twenty) years building websites; nineteen years and six months of which was in self-employment (the other six months was a Proper Job which confirmed I prefer self-employment); a decade of providing marketing and copywriting services and consultancy to business owners; two-and-a-half years (and two-hundred-thousand words) writing a daily blog advising on running a business, marketing and living a happy life...

The difference

I understand how websites work. But I also understand how businesses work. And perhaps most importantly of all, I understand how PEOPLE work. I know what makes them tick, what makes them leave a website, or ignore your marketing material. I know what to say to attract attention and create action.

My mailing list averaged a thousand subscribers over the two-and-a-half years, and they received an email from me every single working day. There are a few comments below.

The difference, the real difference, is that I can combine areas I understand to make a real and genuine difference to your business: programming, copywriting, design, marketing – and people.

The person

Tom Doggett

You’ll always look-up to me. I’m 6’5”. I’m arriving fresh-faced to my old stomping ground in the Cotswolds, having lived in Cambridge since Jan’ 2015, and in rural Cornwall, Devon and Gloucestershire before that.

Lots of stories, fun to work with and I regularly play darts and guitar; occasionally confusing the two, with catastrophic results. The latter I took up after twenty years of avoiding any attempt to play music after horrific discouragement from an early teacher. There's a lesson in how I overcame it: you'll just have to ask.

Hi Tom,
Yours are the only emails I read as they arrive because I know they will help me find answers, not add to the problems I must solve.
Stephen Byrne, Williams & Byrne

Hey Tom
Just to say that I think these emails are great. Really enjoyable and easy to read. Please keep writing, great stuff.
Nick Lindwall, Ottimo Digital

Hi Tom
Thanks for your daily emails – a pause for thought in my hectic work life.
Trina Barrett, Barrett Environmental Ltd

Dear Mr Doggett,
How do you do it!! A fresh email every day, with new ideas and thoughts that are well written and very apt. I, and am assuming that many other people would find it extremely difficult to produce a daily email as you are doing. And to keep on doing so for as long as you have. Thank you for sending these - I read them and take note of what you say.
Phil Sydor

What you get

At least once a week you'll get a lengthy email of the questions I've received from the group and the answers I've given. There will be advice, tools, links to visit, articles to read - but, importantly, there will be key action points. Things you can - and should - do.

Everything will be easy to understand. If there's jargon, it'll be explained. If there are complicated processes, they'll be broken down.

There will be a lot to read, if you want to read everything, but it'll also be clearly laid-out so it's easy for you to skip anything you think isn't relevant (be careful, are you sure it's not relevant...?), and you can always return to things later if you like. Every question and answer will be carefully archived and categorised in a password-protected members area for you.

But why?

A few reasons. I've not been writing as much as I should lately. That's fine, but I want to start again. This is a great excuse.

I could probably earn a bit more by doing 'proper' one-on-one consultancy, but I don't want to spend every day travelling around, or on the phone. I love the clatter of my keyboard, I love to see the words appear on screen, and I love to hear how they influence people - people like you - into making better business decisions.

I love working with business owners, and this way I get to share my knowledge and experience, help you and get my fingers moving again. Everyone's a winner.

A few questions...

What if my competitors are also signed-up, won't they find out my secrets?

Firstly, you won't know. This isn't a community, and I'll be keeping details of each member private unless I'm given specific permission to release details - all questions and answers will be anonymous.

Secondly, if they might be signed-up, you'd better make damned sure you are too, otherwise they're going to be streaking ahead of you. In fact, you should sign-up, right now, just to make 100% sure...

Thirdly, so what? Even if they're not members, they might copy your marketing activity anyway.

Fourthly, there's no geographic bias to my contacts: the odds are the other members won't be anywhere near you.

How many questions can I ask?

As many as you like. I may group together similar questions to answer together, and I can't guarantee every question will be answered within 24 hours, but I will get to them all.

Can I ask a question about an answer?

Yes, if something confuses you, or you want to know more, just ask. I'll also be letting you know questions I'm in the process of answering, just in case you have anything extra to ask about those.

What sort of questions should I ask?

Avoid: "What's my WordPress password?", "Can you rewrite this copy for me?". Try: "How can I get more visitors to my website?", "What's wrong with my social media strategy (enclosed)?", "Is there a way to capture website visitor's email addresses?", "I have £1,000 to spend on marketing, what should I do?" and, frankly, anything else you can think of.

How will you answer the questions?

By email, and there will be a members-only website where you can view previous questions and answers.

Is there any such thing as a stupid question?

Do you even have to ask?

Any other questions?

Email - but be quick because I am limiting places to begin with.

What it costs

What would you pay for three months of top-notch, expert advice?

That's a genuine question, it's entirely up to you.

I thought about giving this away for free for three months to see what happened, but decided people wouldn't take it seriously.

I then thought about charging an astronomical sum of money, because what you're going to get will be worth it, but the whole point of this is not to outprice the very people who need it.

So pay what you want. When you register (and we're nearly there) there's a box you can fill in - put whatever you like in, and that's what you'll pay for each of the next three months.

Money-back guarantee

If you like and follow the advice I send out over the next three months and your business doesn't improve at all then I'll give you your money back.

Limited places available

I'm limiting this to just fifteen people for now. It's a new service, and until I know how it's going to pan out, I don't want to throw-open the floodgates.

This isn't an arbitrary "only thirty copies of this digital document available" load of tosh, this is because I want to offer a good, proper service to fifteen business owners like you who have a genuine need and desire to improve their business but don't, perhaps, quite have the opportunity to pay for full one-on-one consultancy.

What worries you about your business?

What's the biggest question you've got about your business right now? What's bugging you? What do you need to start doing but just aren't quite sure how to get going?

Fill in the form below and let's get started.

And one final, extra guarantee as a thank-you for reading this far. If you send me your first question and aren't happy with the answer, or don't think it's going to be worth your time, I'll give you your money back straight away.

You have absolutely nothing to lose - and even if you fill in this form and change your mind after, it's not too late. I'll get in touch with the first fifteen people who respond and offer them a place on the course. If anyone changes their mind, the place will go to the next person.

In other words, if there's even the tiniest inkling of "this might be fun" in your mind, go for it...

Join the waiting list:-

Join Now Registration currently suspended

VAT will be added. If you're not sure, read my thoughts about prices here.

Tom's thoughts about prices

My gut feeling was around the £25 - 35 a month range, but my gut feeling is always low for my own business (I advise clients to charge more, more, more!). I'd still be doing more work than I ought to for the money, but this is a long-term project. Step one is to start writing, and helping, again.

Honestly, if you can only afford a few pounds a month but will make the most of my advice, just go for it. Don't be shy. If you can afford a bit more, and can see the true value in high-quality, personalised, regular marketing advice and encouragement then pay more.

My expectation is that this will end up being priced at a minimum of £75 a month, and it should probably be more than that. I certainly find it impossible to believe it will be less for the value you're getting.

Anyway, it's up to you. I'm just happy you're going to be involved.