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Hello –

Before we start… My local foodbank is struggling. People are, understandably looking after themselves, and the normal foods donated are in short supply.

I’m shopping for my parents later this morning (they won’t forgive me for announcing that), and I’d like to fill a trolley for the foodbank too. If you a) have found (or think you might find) these emails useful, b) would like to help and c) can afford to right now, please either send something, anything, to, or ask me for bank details and I’ll get what I can. Alternatively, donate direct to the Trussell Trust or drop a bag to your local foodbank next time you’re out. Thank you.

I’ve added a few new pages to the site – links below – and will continue to do so as people either pass me information or ask me questions. The content and direction really is guided by you, so the more you can let me know about what you need the better.

Thanks for the emails and support. Keep on asking, and if you have any useful content I can add, please send it over.

I’ve been struck today how, if you can somehow look beyond the risk to health, and life, the difficulties for families, the frustration and lack of freedom … we are previewing hints of what could be a better world. Quieter roads, less pollution, support for (at least some of) those who need it, families walking & eating together, communities rallying around the most vulnerable. I guess the sunshine helps, too.

We are seeing people, businesses, and business owners, for who they really are. The ones who care for their neighbours, staff and their customers, and the ones who are only in it for themselves. The ones who gratefully accept help, and the ones who grasp it unthinkingly. I believe we can build a better world – but we can only start from our own tiny circle, and hope the ripples grow large enough to matter. Even if you are struggling, there are good ways to struggle and bad ways to struggle.

Look after yourself, save your business, but remember there is a future beyond everything we currently know.

Very best wishes,


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