Tools & Practical Help


None of the links here are affiliate / advertising based. You should also not be trying to do complex things right now. Rather than trying to create a complex CRM system in Salesforce, use Excel or Google Sheets, or some email marketing software to create and update a list of contacts. If all your staff already use WhatsApp, keep using it. You can get more sophisticated when you have more time.

If you’re not already on social media, then I wouldn’t bother starting now – unless you’re in a high-demand industry. If you’re anything to do with food or local services, get on Facebook. B2B might do better on Twitter or possibly Linkedin – I’d probably advise Twitter though. Contact me if you’re not sure what’s best.

Much more to come over the coming days.

  • Skype – video conferencing, screen sharing, text chat
  • Microsoft Teams (Office365 account needed) – all the above + collaboaration, file sharing
  • GoToMeeting – sophisticated virtual meeting software, webinars
  • Zoom – alternative to GoToMeeting
  • Patreon – quickly set-up an account to allow people to make paid subscriptions to your content
  • Email marketing software – contact me and I can set you up on an account of mine, or try Mailchimp

Practical help

If you want someone to cast an eye over what you’re saying to your clients, need a quick website putting online or an email set-up and sent to your list, or to chat through the issues you’re facing and problems you have and develop short- and long-term strategies, please contact me.

I have relatively limited availability at the moment – my priority is to my existing clients – but get in touch and I’ll do what I can.

Copy review

Tom worked promptly and accurately to improve and finesse my Exotogg onboarding email series copy. Outstanding job!

Tony Hawkins, Exotogg

One quick and practical thing I can do to help is to quickly review any emails, blog posts etc. you intend to send out. Price for this is £25 per 1,000 words, which will be used to buy foodbank supplies – badly needed during this difficult time.

This isn’t a full editing / proof-reading service, nor is it something I normally offer, but it will help you get your tone right and ensure the message matches your business, your aims and the problems both you and your customers are facing right now. It’s also small enough for me to either do straight away or slot into an extended, and necessary, tea break.

Contact me for details.

Brilliant work again Tom, thank you.